In order to solve the problem of miss of funds, we have submitted the code of loan contract to the security company for audit. However, it takes one month to obtain the result of security audit and redeploy the contract. In order to solve the current problem quickly, the team has made the following plan:

1. As it is temporarily impossible to judge whether the loan contract is safe or not, we decide to fill part of the fund to meet the user’s demand for withdrawing funds, so as to ensure that there will be no fund loss caused by security problems again.

2. Add an exchange contract. All users who fill in the form will be entered into the whitelist of the contract. Whitelist users can use LToken to exchange 10% discount LEMD token (ERC-20) with the current value, so as to facilitate users to quickly solve the fund problem.

3. Funds will be added to the loan contract periodically to activate the liquidity of the loan pool.

4. All work will be completed and deployed within the next week

Thanks , all the Lemonders!

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