Summary of Lemond Global Orchardists Recruitment

Congratulations! Lemond Global Orchardists Recruitment has been held and ended with success!

We’ve received applications of Orchardists (Community Admins) from over 40 countries while only 5 countries to be enrolled. But no worries, the second wave is on the way with more countries to be expected.

Juicy Lemonds can’t wait! After careful evaluation by the Truck Driver, information has been concluded as below:


Orchardist UserName: @loetuw


Orchardist UserName: @MaxChukovin


Orchardist UserName: @JazzMartinez @satoshofactory_airdrops


Orchardist UserName: @xiaonaigai @Tapoo1992


Orchardist UserName: @lemondfinanceindia

We’ve been approached by many proficient orchardists and we are happy to appoint @xiaonaigai as Lemond Global Ambassador to coordinate with all the global orchardists for prompt delivery of Juicy Lemond to all the global communities. All for the following LemonDAO.

Just as above pic from Lemond India Orchardist @lemondfinanceindia indicates, more trucks have been tanked up, carrying juicy surprises to be shared at following days.

Stay tuned!

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