Recap of Lemond 1st AMA

The first Lemond AMA has been successfully held early today. For those who failed to participate, we summarized the whole AMA as below:

Time: 13.00 Aug. 20th UCT

Host: Lucana (Chief Coordinator of the community)

Guest: Ruby Grayson (in charge of operation), Luis Bruno (in charge of marketing)

*Lucana: Ruby, would you please tell us on what purpose Lemond chooses to hold this AMA?

Ruby: Well, Lemond is a community-driven project. For long, we’ve got fans from all over the world. We got truck drivers from Russia, Indonesia, India, China, Spain and more in the future. Really big family. We think it’s time to have a family reunion, so we are here. :-)

*Lucana: Thanks Ruby. So Luis, would you please share your view on what is the mission and sense of value of Lemond.

Luis: Wow, that’s really a BIG question. Just as the motto of Lemond goes : To ease the style of loan. We don’t want to follow the old school way of illustrating, we’d like to be stylish. Blockchain provides a big stage, a good place for crypto punks to realize their trendy concepts. Lemond aims to combine the serious function with interesting interaction. It won’t be a dull thing using traditional tools with fun experience. Be Serious and Stay Chic. That’s what we are. And will always be.

*Lucana: Fantastic answer from Luis. Like bringing in some fresh air. Thank you for sharing Luis.

So the next question goes to Ruby.

Ruby, would you please tell us on what purpose does Lemond choose to initiate deployment on OEC first.

Ruby: Though OKEX is a remarkable exchange for years, OEC is a young Chain. Just as Luis said above, innovation is our motivation. We like to hug new things and take new challenges. We see the variety and possibilities of OEC and we’d love to start our adventure from here. Instead of “doing business together”, we’d call it “grow together”.

There might be many stops in the future and wonderful landscapes along the road. But who knows. And that’s it, the beginning of a journey.

*Lucana: Thanks Ruby for the detailed info. Sounds like a story. LoL.

Ok, next. As we all know that loan is an path crowded with thousands of projects, big or small. So why does Lemond choose this aspect? Who would share the view on this? Ruby ? or Luis?

Luis: I’ll take this part. Borrow and lend is the basic demand of traditional finance. In DeFi, it is the same and even more frequently used due to easy access and all the other features brought by decentralized techs. To this extent, loan is like the infrastructure of DeFi world. And projects focusing on this part are playing roles as banks. Pretty cool isn’t it. As said previously Lemond always got desire to make improvements to important parts of traditional industry. So loan is a good choice to kick the ball in crypto off. Team members of Lemond are dynamic and innovative. A slight difference / optimization of a regular thing will greatly enrich the experience. You’ll find it in the future. For sure.

*Lucana: Very detailed sharing. So Luis, as you mentioned future. I would like to ask what would be focus of Lemond in the future. Near future to be exact. Think that’s what the community concerns most.

Luis: Good question. Loan will always be the focal point of Lemond. Besides this very basic and important part, we will explore new areas. Say NFT.

Lucana: Sorry to interrupt, does this mean that Lemond is going to issue its own NFT or sth?

Luis: Literally speaking, yes! LoL. Or to be clear, in progress. Actually we’ve planned this from the very beginning when we started Lemond. Guess it won’t be long before you can see’em. Or own them:-)

What’s more is that NFTs of Lemond are not only for collecting but also for utilizing, like depositing to farm or sth. Multi-functional to be frank.

*Lucana: Fruitful answer. Really enchanting. Think Lemonders can’t wait to see them. Ok, another question for Ruby.

As we could see from the plan and road map that Lemond has schedule to make multi-chain deployment. Would please share some details on this?

Ruby: Yes, definitely. It’s always on the schedule. Lemond ecosystem started on OEC and will be enriched via multiple chains, like BSC, Polygon, Solana, etc. Actually, we’ve been keeping in touch with teams from different chains to check feasibility and striking effects. In the future, you could expect a juicy and rich Lemond via different kind of chains. This would be a long procedure, surely and steady! And we will always keep an eye on those new ecosystems with promising potential, say once Doge upgraded to support smooth smart contract :-) Cardano might also be a choice in the future. Just take them for instances. LoL

*Lucana: Really big plan! And Ruby, as you and Luis mentioned innovation for times. Would you please shed some lights on what kind of aspect will Lemond present such innovation. Thanks.

Luis: Well, point-taken. To stand out of the crowd, to be trendy and stylish, we need be different. We’ve been exploring some chic directions. Take one for example. NFT Loan. Cool?

Lucana: And Sexy.

Luis: LMAO. It’s a big concept and got quite a lot problems to solve. But we think it’s a good direction and would like to make efforts in studying and researching in this part. And this is just one of those “innovative” and interesting aspects we are focusing. :-)

*Lucana: Thanks Luis for introducing this interesting content. Do hope we could see the cool and sexy function in the near future.

Now one last question for the first phase. One of the most frequently asked question by the community. The function of ERC-20 LEMD.

Ruby: Well noted. For this, please kindly note that the total amount of ERC-20 LEMD would be around 200M and won’t be more. There will also be abundant occasions for utilizing of ERC-20 LEMD, which means ERC-20 LEMD would be in a deflation mode in the following days. Detailed functional usage cases will be disclosed upon notification. And this also applies to other chains in the future as well. Though LEMD is juicy, it is for utilizing, not for tasting. LoL.

Questions by the community:

*Hello, does Lemond have any plans to cooperate with other projects?

Yes, a lot of co-ops on the way. We will expand our wallet partner and introduce more assets from valued projects to the loan part. And for NFT, we will seek possibilities with those trendy projects or artists for interaction.

*When can we use Lemond in TokenPocket?

We have been in contact with TokenPocket and will apply for official launch on their app once communicated smoothly. Won’t be long.

*When will the pools be open on Ethereum?

Hello, kindly note that there won’t be traditional pools on Ethereum. If there would be, then the pools must be innovative ones. And rest assured that occasions for usage of ERC-20 LEMD will be available in the future. Imagine that, 200M LEMD with important occasions of utilizing with deflation mode. Innovations and pilot experiments will be firstly done on Ether.

*Will there be more ways for Lemond to update information?

Yes. We will add new methods of info disclosure for Lemond V2.0 and update roadmap.

Besides notification via Twitter and Telegram, there will be monthly report via Medium

*How many NFTs in total will Lemond issue?

10,000 in total. Details to be available upon further notice.

*Is there any chance for erc20 lemd bridged to oec20?

This would depend on the official function on bridge. To a safety concern, any usage of bridge from third-party is of high risk. So let’s see in the following development.

*We notice there is a new page on the website. Please tell us what’s the whitelist for?

Whitelist is for the NFT drop. :-D 500 NFTs for free for the community. Check below link for the event.

*How about DAO? When will this be implemented?

As we mentioned at the very beginning. Lemond is a community driven projects. DAO for Lemond will be activated in the following days and then Lemonders would be able to decide the future direction of Lemond themselves.

*When will the NFT part be available?

The first batch of Lemond NFTs will be available approx. in early Sep.

*Hello, it seems Lemond met some problems on OEC, can you please let us know how would you solve these problems?

Yes indeed. We’ve got some hard times previously. As I said above, OEC is a young chain and Lemond is as well. We’d like to grow on it. But it’s true that we’ve got problems and we are very sorry for the unpleasant experience that Lemonders had previously. Now, we’ve enrolled more tech members and optimized our code strategy and explore new aspect. Things are looking up. All we gonna do is to step forward and realize it.

*When will Lemond be listed in new exchanges?

Luis: We’ve been contacted by variety of exchanges. Of course we will move on for this, especially top ones. Stay tuned for the surprise. LoL

*Do you plan to use a deflationary mechanism in the raging Lemond ecosystem with the burning of existing token emissions?

Might be. And might be more enchanting. Different kind of modes to be expected. Please stay tuned.

Thanks for viewing. Stay tuned for further good news.




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