Lemond x OKExChain: Loan to get Airdrop

We know you’ve been waiting for long time.

It’s coming! Airdrop Episode II !!

Airdrop Episode II

Total LEMD to be airdropped : 500,000 LEMD

Period of airdrop: 12.00 UTC, Apr 18 to 12.00 UTC, Apr 25.

Way of getting airdrop: Borrow or Lend

1 Set your wallet

For new Lemonders, check below link for detailed instructions:


*Latest OKExChain official RPC URL:https://exchaintestrpc.okex.org

Latest faucet to get OKT test token:



2 Visit Lemond via https://www.lemond.money

Click “Get Airdrop” to participate in Airdrop Episode II.

3 Click top right “Connect” button to link your MetaMask.

4 Click “+” button to view details of OKT loan module.

5 Deposit tokens: Click “Supply” to deposit tokens and “Withdraw” to take out tokens.

*Leave some OKT test tokens in your wallet as gas fee, otherwise transactions would fail.

6 Borrow tokens: Click “Borrow” to borrow tokens and “Repay” to return tokens. Please press “As Collateral” to activate borrow function.

7 Return borrowed tokens: Click “Repay” to return your borrowed tokens.

*When you have borrowed tokens and you want to withdraw tokens you deposited, you have to return your borrowed tokens otherwise the amount you can withdraw equals to the amount shown by clicking “Safe Max”.

*Due to calculation lag of block, it’s normal to have small redundancies shown in the balance after “Repay”.

8 Withdraw tokens: Click “Withdraw” to get your deposited token back. If “As Collateral” button has been turned on, by clicking “SAFE MAX”, you can withdraw a certain amount with the remaining to keep your collateral at a safe level.

*If all the borrowed tokens have been repaid, you can withdraw all the assets by inputing manually.

9 Claim: Rewarded LEMD would be shown in the page. By completing “Repay” or “Withdraw”, LEMD is automatically claimed while you can also claim it manually.


*LEMDs generated in this Pool are only test tokens with no value.

*Real minted LEMD for Airdrop Episode I will be distributed on a 1:1 basis before the official launch of OKExChain by further notice.

*Initial max amount of LEMD one can claim is 10. By inviting up to 5 persons, one can enlarge the number to 60 (10 up per invited person).

*Stay tuned for Airdrop Episode III.

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