Lemond x Binance Smart Chain: Tweet to get Airdrop

To celebrate the up coming deployment on BSC, we decide to kick off the Airdrop Episode III.

Airdrop Episode III

Total LEMD to be airdropped : 500,000 - 1,000,000 LEMD depending on actual cases.

Period of airdrop: 12.00 UTC, Jun 17 to 12.00 UTC, Jun 24 or anytime when limit is met.

Way of getting airdrop: Tweet Rally

Simple Tips of getting airdrops:


  1. Connect the wallet.
  2. Join our Telegram
  3. Follow our Twitter
  4. Compose a tweet(using below url) and copy your tweet link to paste in the following field.
  5. Tag 3 persons (friends, families, celebrities, etc.)


*Maxium number of participants : 100,000. First Come, First Served.

*Each participant who has completed all tasks and submitted information will receive a random reward of 1–10 lemd and a submission number.

*After the activity, the system will use the random algorithm in Ethereum virtual machine to extract the bond user list on the chain according to the user’s submission number.

*The whole lottery process is open source on the chain. Open source address:0x00a0ad21321j321v312c3

*Same Telegram or Twitter account could only apply once.

*Tweet must be visible to all.

*Any unqualified action would be treated as invalid.

*Withdrawal of LEMD would be available after official deployment to Binance Smart Chain. Accurate time to be announced.

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