Clarification on recent issues

These days we’ve been embattled…Doubt, distrust, libel, we’ve borne too much. Keeping mute is not nonfeasance, but a more considerate concern to be inconspicuous to lock the offender.

We’ve been acting as detective to track and trace but was deemed as suspect while we are actually the victim as well.

But please rest assured no matter what happens we’re with you!

We’ve united exchanges and safety giants to trace the “thief”.

No matter this guy would be located or not, we will use our self-own capital to fill the gap of stolen amount prior to the result.

So, NO LOSS would actually occur to any participants of the pool.

Besides, handsome rewards have been prepared to anyone who gets the funds back or provides crucial clues.

Below are some details concerning the whole case.

Address initiated sneak:


UNI is not added to the initial asset pool but is in the planning pool which cannot be found from the website while visible from the contract side. The configuration of the contract was under optimizing from time to time, figures are not finalized or accurately set which provided the chance. Illegal transfers were then initiated by the Attacker.

Address for camouflage:


Final address receiving tokens:


a Juicy DeFi Protocol