1.The official has completed all Exchange development functions, and will update and deploy the server and fill the funds within 1–2 days. For the specific time, please follow Twitter, add Exchange page, and users who have registered before can enter the white list and Exchange LEMD.

2. Officials will fill part of the funds into the lending pool after deployment, and fill it again 5 days later to observe the changes in the lending pool and ensure the safety of funds.

3. After the exchange, the user can exchange 1.1 times of the current LToken value for LEMD and send LEMD to the ERC20 address requesting the contract.

In order to solve the problem of miss of funds, we have submitted the code of loan contract to the security company for audit. However, it takes one month to obtain the result of security audit and redeploy the contract. …

Concerning previous case, though we’ve been trying hard during previous days, coping with celebrated exchanges and organizations, aiming to trace the stolen asset and get it back. But in vain. Criminal is still at large.

We felt sorry for the unpleasant result. And as we promised, no loss would actually be borne by the participants.

Here goes our solution:

For those who are in urgent need of withdrawing assets, please kindly fulfill information via below link. We will contact you to get things solved.


Again, thanks a million to all the Lemonders!

These days we’ve been embattled…Doubt, distrust, libel, we’ve borne too much. Keeping mute is not nonfeasance, but a more considerate concern to be inconspicuous to lock the offender.

We’ve been acting as detective to track and trace but was deemed as suspect while we are actually the victim as well.

The first Lemond AMA has been successfully held early today. For those who failed to participate, we summarized the whole AMA as below:

Time: 13.00 Aug. 20th UCT

Host: Lucana (Chief Coordinator of the community)

Guest: Ruby Grayson (in charge of operation), Luis Bruno (in charge of marketing)

*Lucana: Ruby…

Lemonders, previously we got a sudden site crash due to abrupt traffic increase right upon the time we scheduled to open the pools.

We had no choice but to upgrade the server and defense system in the first time and then rebooted the server to get things recovered, when we noticed the display error of the front-end due to sync problem causing by rebooting.

We’ve been fixing the display error since we detected it and now it’s been thoroughly fixed.

Rest assured that during the time of fixing, contracts were operating as planned and interactions were smooth, most of all, all the assets were safe and sound.

Anyway, we felt sorry for any unpleasant experience caused and thanks a million for your understanding.

More functions will be available during following days. Stay tuned.

LEMD-USDT LP contract deployed successfully

Contract Address:0x994af547f45d4ad85d622fddbaa7956a3a5c13f0

You can swap LEMD to add liquidity via CherrySwap

Address: https://www.cherryswap.net/#/pool

How to participate in LEMD Liquidity Mining

1. Get LP of LEMD — USDT

Click https://www.lemond.money/farm and click “Get LEMD-USDT LP Token”, this would direct you to CherrySwap.

Input volume and then click “add”. You will get LP of LEMD — USDT once liquidity added successfully.

*Click “Go to Swap $LEMD” if you need to swap LEMD.

2. Stake your LEMD — USDT LP in the Pool

Click https://www.lemond.money/farm to enter Lemond Farm Page.

Input certain number of LP you want to stake and then click “Stake”

Lemonders, new member joined.

Meet Luis Bruno who will be in charge of marketing expanding in the future.

Cross chain oriented leads and multi exchange chances will be focused.

For years, Luis has served in marketing depts of Giants from different industries like Accenture, Uber and blockchain startup Genso Blocks.

Blooming future is to expect.

Welcome Luis.

Telegram: @LuisBruno123

To celebrate the up coming deployment on BSC, we decide to kick off the Airdrop Episode III.

Airdrop Episode III

Total LEMD to be airdropped : 500,000 - 1,000,000 LEMD depending on actual cases.

Period of airdrop: 12.00 UTC, Jun 17 to 12.00 UTC, Jun 24 or anytime when limit is met.

Way of getting airdrop: Tweet Rally

Simple Tips of getting airdrops:


  1. Connect the wallet.
  2. Join our Telegram
  3. Follow our Twitter
  4. Compose a tweet(using below url) and copy your tweet link to paste in the following field.
  5. Tag 3…

Lemond Finance

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