Lemonders, new member joined.

Meet Luis Bruno who will be in charge of marketing expanding in the future.

Cross chain oriented leads and multi exchange chances will be focused.

For years, Luis has served in marketing depts of Giants from different industries like Accenture, Uber and blockchain startup Genso Blocks.

Blooming future is to expect.

Welcome Luis.

Telegram: @LuisBruno123

To celebrate the up coming deployment on BSC, we decide to kick off the Airdrop Episode III.

Airdrop Episode III

Total LEMD to be airdropped : 500,000 - 1,000,000 LEMD depending on actual cases.

Period of airdrop: 12.00 UTC, Jun 17 to 12.00 UTC, Jun 24 or anytime when limit is met.

Way of getting airdrop: Tweet Rally

Simple Tips of getting airdrops:


  1. Connect the wallet.
  2. Join our Telegram
  3. Follow our Twitter
  4. Compose a tweet(using below url) and copy your tweet link to paste in the following field.
  5. Tag 3 persons (friends, families, celebrities, etc.)


*Maxium number of participants : 100,000. First Come, First Served.

*Each participant who has completed all tasks and submitted information will receive a random reward of 1–10 lemd and a submission number.

*After the activity, the system will use the random algorithm in Ethereum…


Past weeks were hard times. To some reasons, we had to wait patiently for “something”. And that “something” hasn’t happened till now.

Now, we decide to hug instead of being embraced.

Information to be disclosed.

Before the main course, wanna some appetizers?

100,000 LEMD giveaway (not Episode III) for our loyal fans. Check below link, finish the tasks, fulfill the sheet as requested and then enrich your bags:-)


  • 100,000 LEMD in total and 20 LEMD per address, First Come First Served.
  • Please use active address for receiving LEMD
  • Strict verification is needed in case of any cheats.


1 Follow our twitter via https://twitter.com/LemondFinance

2 Comment and retweet our pinned tweet.

3 Join our telegram via https://t.me/Lemondok

Good Luck!

The past week was a Juicy busy week to Lemond and Lemonders as well.

We’ve been listed on quite a lot great exchanges. Do appreciate the recognition and support to Lemond!

Listing also, to some extent, expedited the plan of deploying to other main net like Ether. But rest assured that our initial functions will be deployed to OKExChain main net first as said before. That’s where the Journey got started.

Nevertheless, multiple main nets deployments are inevitable. We’ve been trying our level best to work on a healthy mechanism of such mode. …

Lemonders, most LEMD of Airdrop Episode I have been allocated already. Due to fraud precautions, 2-step verification needed for below addresses.

For the real owner, please send certain amount of OKT test tokens matching with your filled gate ID to 0xeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

e.g Your gate ID is 12345, and your address sending LEMD previously is 0xLemdtothemoonwithDogebtceth. Then transfer 0.12345 OKT from 0xLemdtothemoonwithDogebtceth to 0xeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Distribution would be done after verification phase.

Valid before 12.00 UTC Apr 27th.

It will be deemed to get LEMD of Airdrop Episode I upon the official launch of OKExChain for listed addresses with no action taken before the deadline.
Thanks for all your Juicy understanding and support.

Lemonders, due to mining rate adjust, Airdrop Episode II ended prior to the date planned.

We would like to shed the light on what happened during Episode II:

1 Due to high mining efficiency of OKB, USDT, ETH, BTC, many lemonders deposited large sum of OKT to borrow above tokens without repaying, which caused withdraw difficulty.

2 Due to huge difference of circulation between test tokens, mining rate varied vastly. Thus, some “over enthusiastic” Lemonders insanely swapped large sum of OKB and other test tokens with “incredibly high price”. That’s the reason we urgently adjusted the mining rate.

3 To…

Lemonders, this might be one of the Top 3 most frequently asked questions — “When will LEMD of Airdrop Episode I be distributed?And how?”

Formerly, LEMD of Airdrop Episode I would be distributed upon the official launch of OKExChain.

However, due to high expectation, some of you are eager for the distribution. We appreciate the support and enthusiasm from the community and want to say “Your Voice Matters!”

Now we’d like to provide alternatives for you as below.

*For those who want to take an instant enjoyment:

1 Transfer your LEMD test tokens to 0xEeeeeEeeeEeEeeEeEeEeeEEEeeeeEeeeeeeeEEeE

2 Prepare a Gate account

3 Fill detailed info via https://forms.gle/iCRT9ZFP2n5srsq56

4 LEMD would…

We know you’ve been waiting for long time.

It’s coming! Airdrop Episode II !!

Airdrop Episode II

Total LEMD to be airdropped : 500,000 LEMD

Period of airdrop: 12.00 UTC, Apr 18 to 12.00 UTC, Apr 25.

Way of getting airdrop: Borrow or Lend

As usual, some tips for a smooth participation:

1 Set your wallet

For new Lemonders, check below link for detailed instructions:


*Latest OKExChain official RPC URL:https://exchaintestrpc.okex.org

Latest faucet to get OKT test token:



2 Visit Lemond via https://www.lemond.money

Click “Get Airdrop” to participate in Airdrop Episode II.

Congratulations! Lemond Global Orchardists Recruitment has been held and ended with success!

We’ve received applications of Orchardists (Community Admins) from over 40 countries while only 5 countries to be enrolled. But no worries, the second wave is on the way with more countries to be expected.

Juicy Lemonds can’t wait! After careful evaluation by the Truck Driver, information has been concluded as below:



Orchardist UserName: @loetuw



Orchardist UserName: @MaxChukovin



Orchardist UserName: @JazzMartinez @satoshofactory_airdrops



Orchardist UserName: @xiaonaigai @Tapoo1992



Orchardist UserName: @lemondfinanceindia

We’ve been approached by many proficient orchardists and we are…

Lemond x Orchardists

It’s Lemond Season. Copious juicy Lemonds to be delivered to over 100 countries and regions. We need orchardists proficient in local language to help establish local market(community).

Get in touch with the truck driver for details of how to become a qualified orchardist and get reward.

Period of application: 02.00 Apr. 6th, UTC — 02.00 Apr. 8th, UTC

Trial countries: Russia, Spain, China, India, Indonesia


1 At least 1 year of Decentralized life experience.

2 Got a certain amount of local Decentralized friends.

3 Proficient in Telegram and Twitter.

4 Fluent communication in English with the truck driver.

5 Indispensible possession of diligence and spare time.


1 Organize a local fan oriented Telegram group over 500…

Lemond Finance

a Juicy DeFi Protocol

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